The Laser Eye Care Center offers advanced treatments and surgical procedures for issues related to the eyes and face.

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Cataract Surgery Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a procedure to remove and replace the lens of the eye, restoring vision. Your eye doctor can perform the surgery on an outpatient basis.

Laser Cataract Surgery Laser Cataract Surgery

LASER cataract surgery considerably improves the chances of a successful procedure and reduces overall downtime afterward.

Lens Implants Lens Implants

When you meet with Dr. Goldstein, you will have an opportunity to discuss a few options for lens implants that will be placed during your surgery.

Laser Vision Correction (LASIK) Laser Vision Correction (LASIK)

The goal of laser vision surgery is to improve eyesight by reshaping the cornea, the part of the eye that lets light in and focuses it on the retina.

Refractive Lens Exchange Refractive Lens Exchange

The natural aging of the eye leads to a loss of ability to focus on near objects. Refractive Lens Exchange may be used to replace the natural lens of the eye with one that can reduce or eliminate the need for glasses!

Glaucoma Surgery Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma surgery is an option to lower intraocular pressure in the eye and prevent further damage to the optic nerve. Your eye doctor can perform the surgery on an outpatient basis.

Retinal Laser Treatment Retinal Laser Treatment

Laser Retinal surgery is used to treat issues concerning the retina and vitreous, including retinal detachments and diabetic retinopathy.